One of the most difficult aspects of running a successful business is figuring out which activities are worth your time and effort. Unfortunately, mundane tasks can swallow up your time leaving little ability to work on things that truly matter. Once you get to a certain point in your business, outsourcing can help you get beyond these difficulties and focus on the activities most likely to result in better outcomes for your business.

Why outsourcing is a good idea

The chances are that there are activities that keep you busy without providing you with a lot of positive results. These activities may be tedious and time-consuming, keeping you from forming plans that allow you to improve your business. You can’t focus on expanding your business or improving your product when you are stuck doing payroll or managing your appointments.

If you have some mundane tasks that you can outsource to someone else, it can free up your time which may potentially be of far more value when you can grow your business exponentially when you aren’t distracted by time-consuming tasks that could just as easily be done by someone else.

Which tasks should you outsource?

For the best effect, outsource tasks that you find time- consuming and tedious, and which need to be done for the business to operate, but which don’t in themselves contribute materially to expanding the business or improving profits.

Many administrative tasks are easy to outsource, including:

• Invoicing
• Bookkeeping
• Payroll
• Appointment scheduling
• Social media
• Email
• Customer service

Getting started

Make it a point to identify the items that seem to suck away most of your time, and which leave you less time for other activities that could better benefit your business. Once you know which activities are least profitable – but still necessary – you an outsource them to
experts who can do them instead.

Time spent working closely with an outsourcer on what needs to be done, to begin with, with be repaid many times over in the long run. Over time, outsourcing can free you up to focus on more important things and improve your overall productivity.

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